Wednesday, 7 December 2016


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Gcompris is an software for kids to learn about everything they used in their daily life. Gcompris is a very great software for learning.


  • Children can learn easily
  • They will always try to play the games which are very attractive.
  • The language which is used in it is very easy to understand by children and others.
  •  Kids are getting mire and more Knowledge.
  • Increase heir reading skills.
  • Having Knowledge about use of keyboard and mouse, they can easily use digital gadgets and devices.
  • Increase the Knowledge of kkids
  • Increase their interest in their studies.
  • Improves their memory by simple activities
  • Logical development of kids also improves problem solving and decision making process

                          Some Mathematical Games
  • Some of the games which have geometrical shapes so the kids will know all the names of the shapes.
  •  Children Learn hoe to do calculation as the software provides interesting way of doing calculation.

Reading Activities: Children learn English Poems and learn basic English and learn how to pronounce them correctly. They also tell them which are uppercase and lowercase letters are. Best thing which i found is that they tell them all the alphabets. 

Strategic activitiesGames like chess make the mind very sharp. These games make the mind of the kid very sharp and increase their senses. 

Other beneficial activities: Helps to give knowledge about many other things. The games helps to get knowledge about many countries, as well as how to use the keyboard and mouse. 
                Some Improvements to be done

They Can add some more Games so the children can learn more things.

Their should be variety of colors and shapes.

There should more of interesting stories, rhymes, poems. 

Their should be games to respect their elders.

Their should be  activities that help children to save water.

Their should be Variety of music which can be played in the starting.
Makes the mind of the Kid very sharp.

The games make the senses of child very good.                     

It makes the kid to learn anything very fast.

It helps the kid how to use Computer.

It makes the maths strong by doing calculations, Drawing shapes etc.

It helps the kid to learn English poems, Essay, Basic English and improves the grammar.                                                                     


From My Point of view it is a great software for children and children can also learn things from it very fast. Moreover not only kids old people can also learn from this software.